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+1 Ivan M. · July 15, 2014
Hello everyone, I need help about this new Ads system. Maybe I look stupid now but I'm not the only one who doesn't understand this for sure, so I ask you guys for the help. So, how can I start making some Bitcoins?

Ads -> Publisher Panel -> Active -> now I choose one of these two, and it says "Highlight and copy the HTML code below, then paste it into the code for your website" and now I don't understand how to continue. FAQ says "All users will have default ads that will appear on their BuckysRoom content. That means that you will earn Bitcoin every time someone views your profile, pages that you created, or forum discussions that you participated in." but I don't know how to set this up.

Regards and thank you.

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-2 Source Slayer · July 15, 2014
I'd imagine it is yet to be completed. Can't really expect it to work 100% this early though.
+2 Pere Garau Burguera · July 16, 2014
I'll try to explain this:

You will see in your publisher account that you have two ads already created: one says profile & pages and another one for the forum. Everybody has these ads by default. You will earn bitcoin whenever your profile page, your own pages are visited, and it will appear on the impressions column corresponding to profile & pages. For each impression you have, you will earn a little amount of BTC. Same goes for forum, whenever someone vivits the topics you've participated in. 

Also, you have the option to create your own ads. You can click the red button "create publisher ad", and after choosing all the parameters you can copy the html code inside the box, and paste it into your website (maximum 3 ads per page). Every time your page is visited, you have an impression.

So basically, you earn bitcoins by default when someone visits your stuff here in BR and, aditionally, you can advertise BR on your webpages to earn more bitcoins. 

You can see some of this stuff here explained:
0 Ivan M. · July 17, 2014
After you explained me via messages I understand now, thank you Pere. I hope that you will become a moderator because you deserve it.

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