How Do I Add Members To My Page?

+1 Milton Arnold · July 29, 2015
Seems I should know this by now but I never got into functionality input on html. Now I am designing a full site with html5 and css and want to include member functionality... I would like to know what is the simplest way for users to "Sign On" by submitting information and creating a profile . I don't want my users info to be stolen so I will want to HASH them right?

I will have many MANY more questions, so instead of starting new threads please just check this one.

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0 Milton Arnold · July 30, 2015
Thanks had a lot of fun with php, I'm still playing around with it but the language is easy to learn... Is there a way I can code MySQL for free? Also hostgator and godaddy have their own rdbms systems... Idk?! So confused on what's best for what I'm trying to do.. I am working on making apps with android studio and I find it very easy to use and intuitive; but I want my site to be where ppl sign up. I have also been looking at WORDPRESS; will it work for what I want to do and will it work with the Android sdk? Sorry, so many questions lol
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