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0 Damindra Thennakoon · July 28, 2015
I just came to know about appinventor.so trying to learn it too while learning android. if there is a simple way to create android apps why we waste our time on learning android? what are the advantages of appinventor  and disadvantages ?pleas help me to solve this problem

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0 Dol Lod · July 29, 2015
AppInventor is generic poor performance code. I actually did a small presentation on this once. My analysis is that at this point in time, AppInventor is not too much of a threat to programmers. Why?

1) There is less customizability. Android programmers can write code to do specific things based on the build numbers and use classes that they create for convenience while in AppInventor you are stuck with whatever they give you.

2) Those applications are not written for performance while you can control performance as a programmer.
0 Damindra Thennakoon · July 30, 2015
Thanks For the reply.
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