+1 Sean De · July 28, 2015
so I tried to design my first CMS and website together as a Photography Agency's portfolio website.

I want to use this project as my resume for finding a job so as someone who is working in this field is it possible to count on this?

PHP,  HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery have been used in this project and keep this in mind this is not a commercial project, just for my own practice.

main website:

LookBook page:

CMS panels:

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0 Sean De · July 30, 2015
Thank you so much, I'll change and tweak the issues that you mentioned. great feedback!
+1 Michael Rosetti · July 29, 2015
I think it actually looks pretty good overall. However, if I were you I'd change the "LookBook page" (your second picture) a little bit. I think it'd look better if you change those colors a little bit so they're more visible, or you can put some background color, that'd look better in my opinion. And one more thing I'd adjust is that arrow for "Back to homepage", it just doesn't look good.

Other than that, good job, your website looks pretty good overall!
0 Sean De · July 29, 2015
guys? I want to ask a opinion!! just tell me what's wrong with it
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