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+1 Vraj Patel · July 28, 2015
Hey Guys,

I am building the forums part of my site right now and I am interested as to how to design a textbox for user input that supports things like formatting, emoji's, etc much like the one Bucky has on this site to create a new topic on the forum. Is that a library, code I need to do build from scratch, etc?

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0 Vraj Patel · July 30, 2015
Thank You, Alan Johnson and everybody for your help!
+1 Alan Johnson · July 29, 2015
The WYSIWYG editor will generate HTML from the user's input, you'll need to store that in your database so you can retrieve it again with correct formatting.
Be sure to strip out any potentially malicious tags though, e.g <script>
0 Vraj Patel · July 28, 2015
Well my question now is if I am building this forum and all the posts are stored server-side how do I parse the data back with the formatting that was given to the text by sceditor?
0 Sean De · July 28, 2015
you mean WYSIWYG editor, I personally prefer ckeditor...
0 Alan Johnson · July 28, 2015
You're looking for WYSIWYG editor, Google it there's loads.
+1 wernich wilsenach · July 28, 2015
i had a look at the page's source and found lots of "sceditor" references for the input box.

had a shot at google and found this:

from the main page's examples it seems fairly simple to use.
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