+3 Kuroodo Ditory · July 15, 2014
Hello all!
I come here today to show you all this framework called libGDX.

What is libGDX?
(from wikipedia)
libGDX is a game-development application framework written in the 
Java programming language with some C and C++ components for performance dependent code. It allows for the development of desktop and Android games by using the same code base. It is cross-platform, supporting WindowsLinuxMAC OS XAndroidiOS, and web browsers with WebGL support.

So basically you can make Desktop projects, Android projects, and Web page projects! Once you write the code, just choose howd you like to run or export your project (like for Android, or Desktop) and there you have it!

Now I'm still a beginner at using libGDX but man, it's awesome and easy!

Here's a game I'm working on using libGDX /images/forum/675c07059d7d3c0e729ccc1c49a7a426.png

The fun part about it is that it's pretty easy to do pretty much everything (since it's a framework).

It'd be pretty awesome if Bucky or someone in TheNewBoston was able to update their Java game development series (or Android app development, since that can be used for that as well), and use libGDX.

Check it out guys

Here is a guy that does awesome tutorials for libGDX :

I'd be really cool if Bucky got dermetfan to make tutorials on TheNewBoston.

So anyone else here is familiar with libGDX or knows about it?
It'd be awesome to see any projects you guys made with libGDX :D

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0 Jason Amador · July 22, 2014
I have also fallen in love with libGDX.  The framework is, as you said, really easy to work with, and I love that you can build for pretty much all platforms.  I've build a few prototypes, but nothing is in production.  I definitely plan to post some cool stuff here in the near future.
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