Failed to convert 006699 into a drawable

0 Nick I · July 27, 2015
Hey all!  I'm having a problem with something that looks like it should be pretty easy.  I'm getting the following error.


I've searched through the forums and have seen similar rendering problems but nothing that fixes my issue. Anyway, I'm very new to any kind of programming, and I was stuck by this at around video 7 of theAndroid App Development for Beginners Playlist. So, I'd appreciate any one that can either point me to a thread already written on this or that can help me you. Thanks!

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0 Nick I · August 1, 2015
**solved... That was pretty frustrating as I've spent hours trying to figure out what the issue is.  Probably good no answered my post though, as that's a mistake I should figure out myself.

Forgot the # preceding my hex. In my defense, last I ever coded anything was around the time dreamweaver 3 came out. 
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