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0 Eric Barnes · July 27, 2015
My friend advised me that after learning input and output, to focus on conditional branches, i.e., if-then statements; then nested if statements; then focus on do-while, for, and while loops next; then nested loops. Are these covered in the C++ videos. I haven't watched all of them yet, just looking at titles I didn't see conditional branches. Thanks.

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0 Bien Escala · July 27, 2015
Particularly, They are :D Feel free to roam around the videos... Or Skim them :D
0 Otto Von Chesterfield · July 27, 2015
Conditional branches just mean if ... do this  or  if ... do this else do that. They're there
0 Adam Tindall · July 28, 2015
Yup.  Bucky's got all ya need.
0 Eric Barnes · July 30, 2015
Thanks. Just double checking.
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