Creating Forms, Buttons & Boxes within a program(Dynamically)

0 graham burgess · July 26, 2015
I recently posted asking if anyone knows of a book for the above, but have not had any replies.
Is there anyone familiar with this procedure who can tell me how to do it, or tell me of any videos on the subject
Many thanks 

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0 Danindu Perera · July 26, 2015
Try this link
+1 Danindu Perera · July 26, 2015
Try this codes :)

Private Property number as Integer=1

Private Sub add_subject_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles add_subject.Click
   Dim tb As New TextBox
   tb.Position = New Point(number*40,10) ' change this if you want
   Dim lb As New Label
   lb.Position = New Point(number*40,50) ' change this if you want
   Dim add As New Button
   add.Position = New Point(number*40,100) ' change this if you want
   AddHandler(add.Click, AdressOf(add_Click))
   Dim edit As New Button
   edit.Position = New Point(number*40,150) ' change this if you want
   AddHandler(edit.Click, AdressOf(edit_Click))'you have to make edit_Click
   Dim delete As New Button
   delete.Position = New Point(number*40,200) ' change this if you want
   AddHandler(delete.Click, AdressOf(delete_Click))'you have to make delete_Click
End Sub
0 graham burgess · July 27, 2015
Thanks Danindu, I naven't had chance to visit stackoverflow or try your code, but I will do shortly, and let you know how I go on
Once again thanks for your support
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