why my html code proceed on google chrome but php doesn't

+1 Ali MOUSSELMAL · July 25, 2015
Hi everybody

I'm stucked with this error that i'm facing i'm using wampserve and it workdsperfectly (green icone i have access to php_info & localhos & phpmyadmin without any issue)

but still when i write a test php code under the html code doesn't appear on chrome see picture please/images/forum/upload/2015-07-25/7e41107c7bd011c3acafdcdf9f4b23a0.png

please if there is any one who could help me

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0 Chandan A V · July 25, 2015
Bro better go with xampp i got the correct output for your code there
0 Alan Johnson · July 25, 2015
PHP needs to be interpreted on a server, you can't just open a php file in your browser like that.

Start your web server and go to localhost/WebTest1/ in your browser and your php code will run.
0 Mahmoud Atwa · July 26, 2015
in the url type 'localhost' or '' then the path of your file 
Example :
if i want to open 'index.php' wich is located in the root directory 'www' or 'htdocs' in xampp i will type something like this :'localhost/index.php'
don't do it like 'file://C:/wamp' and things like that...

Guys can't you see from the navigation bar or whatever it is called in the file manger that he is using wamp?!
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