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0 John Carlo Tubelleza · July 25, 2015

Good Day!

I would like to ask if this kind of system can handle developing an app? I did try some basics on Android Studio from Bucky's tutorial but its lagging too much. Is it going to get worse eventually? I think Ive read somewhere that I can use my phone as an emulator to lessen the lag(gonna check it later). Anyways, are there any SDK preferably for my computer or my computer is enough to handle it?

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+1 Chandan A V · July 25, 2015
2gb of your ram alloted for background processing and others and u have only 700mb ,

better install 64bit os android studio works fine 
+1 Dol Lod · July 25, 2015
No way. You need an i3 minimum to do any serious computing. Additionally, while not required, I recommend having more RAM preferably at least 6 GB. 64 bits is also a plus. 
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