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+1 Montaser Qasem · July 24, 2015
Hi guys i recently found about the new Get windows 10 icons to Reserve your copy of windows 10 and i don't have it on my windows 8.1 so i google it and what i'v found is i have to update my windows and so i did and the icon still nowhere so google it again and i found that i must download these updates :KB3035583 and KB2976978 , and it's very strange that they didn't have been downloaded when i update my windows , so can anybody help me to get these updates in order to GET windows 10 icon notification ?

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+2 Steven the awesome · July 24, 2015
This website will probably solve your problem.
+1 Montaser Qasem · July 24, 2015
TY steven i downloaded KB3035583  so it remains KB2976978  and i can't find it ! can you help me ?
+2 Steven the awesome · July 24, 2015
He montaser maybe this will help you
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