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+8 Bucky Roberts · July 23, 2015 Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) real or not? Everything I read online says that he is just a hallucination, but in this episode he talked to that girl. WTF?

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0 Rehman . · July 23, 2015
Maybe that business man has a role to play with that.
0 Lakindu Jayathilaka · July 23, 2015
he is not a hallucination..HE is real
Mr.Robot uses that guys hacking skills to do some shitty work man
0 Lakindu Jayathilaka · July 23, 2015
This is totally confusing
0 Batman L · July 23, 2015
I still think he isn't real.

When Mr. Robot was talking to Darlene, Elliot was out of the picture. Then when Mr. Robot backed up, Elliot came in and we no longer see Mr. Robot.
We don't see both of them (Elliot and Mr. Robot) communicate with the others AT THE SAME TIME, it's always ONLY one of them, and even when both of them are in the picture, the others interact only with Elliot and ignore Mr. Robot, as if he doesn't exist.
0 Colonel Panic · August 6, 2015
Its a Fight Club thing.  It's his alternate personality.  
0 Rehman . · August 7, 2015
i think he act like two ways one when he feels he hasn't got any job like save the world thingy and other like he got determined and feels like he got an ambition "fsocity" 
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