I added the line:

  to my code which Bucky says allows us to save the picture and view it in the device's gallery . I tested the app on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo but could not find the image anywhere on my device. Hers's my Main Activity Source code.( Please forgive my extensive commenting in the code:)). What is the issue?

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

       //reference to the imageview.


        //downcasting i.e here we have casted drawable to bitmap drawable makes sense only whrn the parent which is castted
        //is actually a referencne to a child which was earlier upcasted. Because, a parent which has less functionality
        //than its child cannot be simply casted to its child and the child's methods cannot be called on it. It works
        //only if the parent refernce to a child casted to its parent is backcasted to the child type. Note that drawable
        //is an abstract object which cannot have instantes, so when a method returns drawable it is actually returnung
        //its child casted to a parent ref.
        bitmapImage= ((BitmapDrawable)buckysFace).getBitmap();

      //  implement this method to invert the image represented by the bitmap which we extracted from the BitMapDrawable.
            Bitmap newPhoto= invertImage(bitmapImage);

        //will take our original jpg photo and stick it onto the ImageView after inverting it.

       //this mediastore method takes a bitmap,its descrioption and the packages's content resolver to save the image to the
        //device on which the app is running.
        MediaStore.Images.Media.insertImage(getContentResolver(),newPhoto,"photo","this is its description");