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+2 Vraj Patel · July 23, 2015
Hey, I am having problems with my video gallery on my website in progress,, the problem is that whenever I click the play button on the playlist in the gallery selection section of the video gallery it generates a playlist of videos and displays under the title playlist on my computer, however, when I try it on any other computer other than the localhost the script does not seem to work. This issue was found and mentioned by Abdullah Nauman in the forum post here (and also since the script did not change you may view the code from there, also yet again I apologize for the inconvience but I keep running into problems with the code tags): Considering this is the Javascript forum I posted it here. Can you guys help me find a solution to this weird problem?  

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+1 wernich wilsenach · July 23, 2015
fiddling a little in video.js i put a console.log in your progress function to see why it's generating errors when i click on the first video and then clicked play on the video.

console.log(video.duration); // prints "NaN"
console.log(video.currentTime); // prints "0"

progress_bar.value = Math.floor((100 / video.duration)*video.currentTime); // generates errors

those developer tools on the browsers are amazeballs. go to another computer and go to your website. in chrome's console, go to "elements" and find the "playlist_right" div. you'll see that the table is going nuts. after you click on a playlist at the bottom, it seems to remove all the table's elements (head and body) and then just flashes every now and then as if something is trying to update it, but not getting it right.
then, if you go to the "network" tab, you'll see that the page is constantly sending requests to the server and getting the response:

Warning:  opendir(vids/playlists/ TheNewBoston- JavaFX Tutorials,vids/playlists/ TheNewBoston- JavaFX Tutorials): The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. (code: 123) in C:\xampp\htdocs\generateplaylist.php on line 10

Warning:  opendir(vids/playlists/ TheNewBoston- JavaFX Tutorials): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\generateplaylist.php on line 10

i think your problem is coming in at "opendir(vids/playlists/ TheNewBoston- JavaFX Tutorials)"
0 wernich wilsenach · July 27, 2015
cool bananas. ;)
0 Vraj Patel · July 23, 2015
I found where that string was coming from and replaced the http://"HTTP_HOST"/vids/playlists with an empty string so that it only echos vids/playlists/1 TheNewBoston- JavaFX Tutorials. It works on all computers now thanks :D!
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