How long does a coding tutorial stay valid?

+1 Eric Persson · July 14, 2014

I'm just posting this in general chat, because I really don't know what language I want to start with. 

My question though, I guess it focus more on the big languages out there

Java, C++, C#, JS, Ruby, Python etc.

I know that for example HTML is updated realatively frequently, and you gotta keep up with it. 
But how is it for other languages like the once mentioned above? 

Are buckys tutorials on C++ and Java still valid, or are they outdated? 
How much has really happened in those languages? 
Does it really matter if you learn older code, or can you still make functioning programs with it? 

Would be really happy for answears! :)

Bonus question

If I don't know what language I really want to learn, but say I hope to get a job easy in the next couple of years, wich language gives me the best chanse?
I know that Java is really big and exist in nearly every electronic device so...

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0 Eric Persson · July 15, 2014
Good to know! 
0 Nivilus Vranck · July 22, 2014
I have deleted all my posts in this topic since appearently you can't make a suggestion without people going nuts over it.
My intention was not to start a discussion/flame war over stupid shit like this, all i did was make some suggestions on what languages are good to learn. Which included PHP since it is one of the most popular languages for the web out there. If you are going to deny that, whatever, go ahead, even tho it's one of the most known scripting languages for the web. Im going to leave it at this. Because this is getting stupid.
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I think it is pretty obvious what this section is for.

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