Recommend a keyboard for coding?

0 Ian Arbuckle · July 17, 2015
Hey folks,

I'm investing in a new keyboard for programming and I was wondering does anyone here have any recommendations?
Basically just a smooth keyboard would do the job as I hate those chunky keyboards.

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0 Alan Johnson · July 17, 2015
You might like a mechanical keyboard, they're more expensive than your usual standard keyboard but much more satisfying to type on.
0 Gregory Ballantine · July 17, 2015
I'd recommend getting a mechanical keyboard for programming. Or a Sun Microsystems keyboard, just for nostalgia's sake ;) Some of my co-workers and I each own one or two of them, and we love them to death.

Now, if you want to splurge a little bit and go for a bit of a higher-end keyboard, I'd totally recommend the Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard - I got mine with Cherry MX Blue switches, but that's just personal preference (the link is to a brown switch version, as I couldn't find one with blue switches):

Else, you can normally find a good mechanical switch keyboard on Massdrop for a good price. I got a Royal Kludge 10 keyless keyboard for like $70 for work, and it's served me well for a few months.
0 Vraj Patel · July 17, 2015
I have the Logitech K800, nice sleek and smooth wireless keyboard with backlights and a full numpad. 
0 Ian Arbuckle · July 17, 2015
Cheers guys! I'm not sold on mechanical keyboards as imagining annoying your colleagues with a noisy keyboard :P
0 Gregory Ballantine · July 17, 2015
Ha, getting a Sun keyboard like I recommended would fit being "quiet" :D it's not silent, but it's not quite as noisy as a typical mechanical keyboard.

Also, the "noisy" mechanical keyboards are typically the brown and blue Cherry MX switches. Red and black switches are quieter, although I have not used them before to vouch for them
0 Alan Johnson · July 17, 2015
Yes blues are very "clicky" and make a lot of noise. Red switches are quiet in comparison. I've used both and I prefer blue for typing and programming, but red for playing games.
0 Ian Arbuckle · July 18, 2015
Cool I think I know someone who has a mechanical keyboard so I might try it out first before buying one.
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