Most efficient way to enter a lot of information into a database

0 Tyler Watkins · July 13, 2014
I am working on a dynamic web page for obituaries for a funeral home website. The person that was managing the site before me really screwed up by just making a new web page for every single obituary and I want to make it dynamic and just have one page that gets information from a mysql database based on an id. What do you all suggest would be the quickest and most efficient way to enter all the data into the database from the old pages. I'd rather not go through all of the pages and copy and paste the obitituaries into the table as that would take forever seeing as there is 200+ pages.

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0 Nikola Novakovic · July 21, 2014
Also maybe you can make a stored procedure in your databases, then generate that procedure with php with the script that extracts those patterns the user above is referencing to.

Stored procedures and functions in database are advanced stuff, but really helpful in inserting large portions of information into your DB :)
0 Justin Hamilton · July 22, 2014
That sounds like a job for Regular Expressions. 

At least if they are all formatted the same way, That would be one of the routes I would check to see if it's viable.

If that's not viable. I would honestly create a data collect script and use VB's stream reader to parse the data into an array and then use LINQ to push it into a database.
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