What language should i choose?

0 Angelo Teixeira · July 13, 2015
Hey guys, I'm new to the programming world, but id like to choose a language to learn first. I've watched some bucky's tutorials on C and HTML, but idlike to know what is the best language to learn so i can build some kind of converter of (.docx->jpeg/png etc) or (PDF->jpg/png etc...) 
I know it can be hard, but on the other hand it's kind of a motivation for me to have a project and at the same time i'm discovering how to do it by myself. Is C language appropriate to do it? If not, what would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance :)

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+1 mike richardson · July 13, 2015
0 Tatrasiel R · July 13, 2015
I don't think I know just one language . Each languages have a certain purpose . Like you wouldn't make a packet sniffer in Javascript or Php.... Or even C, but you can make a really good one in Python.

But I wouldn't modify PE headers in python at all. That is where C or C++ comes in.

it just depends on the scenario.

If you ask my you should learn assembly. Then you can go anywhere :D!!!
0 Frederico Marques · July 15, 2015
I like thinking about programming language as tools. What do you wanna build? HTML is not a programming language, btw. But it's ok.
If you want to build some web pages, choose HTML, else pick C.
But you might wanna explore some other languages before you pick one. Python (for django framwork) and Ruby (for rails framework) for web stuff. Look for Java, C# or C++ for everything else. If you google it, you can find many other languages, but those are the most used right now.
You asked about C. You can do whatever you want on C. Really. If this is gonna be particle then it is another thing. Struggle with C, learn it. It's hard to get all that syntax and finding bugs at first, but you will be a better programmer with you learn C (my personal opinion). Then you can move forward for one of above languages and you will be just fine.
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