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+3 Rehman . · July 12, 2015
What if we want to be our image responsive and look round in shape. How can we use these two classes in one img tag? or is it come responsive if we use img-rounded class?

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0 Atanas Kostovski · July 12, 2015
Just write all the classes you want with space between them like class="img-responsive img-rounded" and if it doesn't work, you messed up something else, so we need more info.
0 Rehman . · July 12, 2015
@Wheatly nope just tried it isn't working. Its just making the circle though 
0 Rehman . · July 12, 2015
your code didn't came into the box,
alt will do the trick?
similarly when i want to use "scroll" and "icon"  for the nav bar they both have different classes how to use them both?
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