int main()
    int i1, i2, j, c;
    char Input[20];
    c = j = 0;
    printf("-------Dice Game-------\n\n\n\n");
    printf("To play the game please input Y/N.\n");

    printf("Yes[Y] input starts the game. \nNo[N] input will end the program.\n\n\n");
    scanf("%s", &Input);
    if(strcmp(Input,"N") == 0 ){
        printf("The program has ended.");
    }else if(strcmp(Input,"Y") == 0 ){
        printf("Do you think you can guess if the value of three dice are ");
        printf("Higher [H], Lower [L], or The Same[S] as the previous roll?\n\n If so Good Luck!!!\a\a\a\n\n\n");
        i1 = rand()%6 + 1;
        printf("\n\nDice roll is: %d\n Do you think the next number is Higher[H], Lower[L], or The Same as the above?\n Please input L/H/S\n\n\n", i1);
    for(j = 0; j i1 && strcmp(Input,"H") == 0){
                printf("\n\nGood Job!!!\n\n\n");
            }else if((i2
Hi Everyone,
This is my thinking for the dice roll program.  It works on my computer.
If I had to make one improvement to it I would add a function to change a lower case letter to upper case so there is no error when you input a lower case.   Other than that it seems to work.