0 Steve Andrews · July 13, 2014
Hey all, just wondered whether there might be some Algorithm tutorials could be added, in Java would be great, but Object Orientated language please. if possible.


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0 Steve Andrews · July 15, 2014
Yeah sorry i meant "in an" Object Orientated language, like c++ or Java...
0 Steve Andrews · July 27, 2014
Damn my last reply must not have been approved, i thought it may not have been, also i never put "Object Oriented Language" in my original post, upon reflection of my last reply i simply put Object Orientated language, which to me in ENGLISH - English not American - English, emphasizes the Object Orientated, if you were to try to put "" around what i wrote.

Just being pedantic as it seems that is what this forum is about, not the suggestion side of things.

0 Steve Andrews · July 27, 2014
So all along your asking what is an Object Orientated language means, not which one i meant.

Ok so you mean a language that is organized around objects rather than procedure/action and data rather than logic, which is how it was described to me at University. I say this with trepidation as i know how pedantic you are about your answers, like as i said in my other post that wasn't approved, i am new to this, and i have no idea what any of this topic has to do with me posting in the suggestion area a topic for future videos.

I'm not sure anything can be gained by this whole topic, but i guess we all get bored sometimes and like to feel superior by letting other know how smart you really are.

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