please help and can tell me why?

0 Ahmad Khalik · July 11, 2015
/images/forum/upload/2015-07-11/4e7f7ecf0998e439f332e6bccf69e73c.JPGI mean the actionbaractivity


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+1 Narendra Jadon · July 13, 2015
This is due to the version of Android Studio. You can use 'AppCompatActivity' instead of 'ActionBarActivity'.
0 Dol Lod · July 12, 2015
That is actually easy to explain. ActionBarActivity got replaced with AppCompat in the latest updates to the SDK. Using ActionBarActivity is no longer recommended and out of date. Update your sdk and learn to use AppCompat instead.

Now,you can use a more customizable actionbar called a Toolbar which can be inserted into layouts.
0 xenofon karidis · July 13, 2015
I  get the same thing error. U must i do so i dont get it by default when i create a project???
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