How to setup my free hosting account

+2 Rehman . · July 11, 2015
Hey guys i have signed up to the free hosting service at "" but i have really no idea where to put my files so that i can have my site up and running ?

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+1 Erp Eight · July 13, 2015
use its free and awesome
0 Sachin Kumar · July 11, 2015
after creating a subdomain in the site you have to switch to the same subdomain then click on "File Manager" link inside the files box.
0 Rehman . · July 11, 2015
okay i have created sub domain, and made a ftp account too now my domain is directed to their hosting, what's next how can a put my files into the public folder? i have got there but stuck in putting files 
0 Rehman . · July 13, 2015
well arpit have setup the account and uploaded the contents the only hurdle is its not running..
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