Hello World ! 

My name is Ben. I joined this site about a week ago. I been with Buckys tutorials/thenewboston for years but never bothered to make an account until recently. I took Java I & Java II courses at my community college.  I also watched Bucky's Java tutorials on youtube while taking my Java courses. I just finished watching all 46 of Bucky's tutorials on XHTML & CSS. I am like 20 tutorials deep into the Android development for Beginners tutorials. I am also watching the videos on PHP and Javascript on the side,  so I can finish my website. 

My website is TekNoCrazy.com if you guys wanna check it out. It is currently under construction until I learn everything I need to know to get it up and running. Yea I could have just paid someone to build the website but I would rather code it myself. :P
I am learning Android Development, so it can go hand in hand with my website.

Anyways that is my introduction.