Hello Forum,

Recently I have developed a Java Brute Forcer API. (As of today, it really is just an all possible string combination generator) It is very easy to implement into your current projects.

You may view the source here: http://www.github.com/DMoneigh/JScanner

An example can be found below:
// Create combination generator object and specify what type of character combinations to generate.
// Different combination types are separated by commas.
CombinationGenerator cg = new CombinationGenerator(CombinationType.LOWERCASE, CombinationType.NUMBERS);

// Set the max length that generations can be. Default is 5.

// Start generating character combinations with the GenerateListener class.
cg.startGeneration(new GenerateListener() {

public void onGenerate(String combination) {

// Write code to handle the generated character combination.


Hope this helps,