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+1 Johnn Smith · July 9, 2015
Hi guys!

I'm building a web site and I came across a problem - the elements are overlapping when I zoom in. All of the elements are divs and inside them I have headings, paragraphs, links and lists. Basically I have something like this: 

<!DOCTYPE html>
     <title>Web design</title>

<div id="wrapper">
     <div id="text1">
          <h3>Heading 1</h3>
          <p>Long Tex 1t</p>

     <div id="text2">
          <h3>Heading 2</h3>
          <p>Long Text 2</p>

<div id="nav">
          <li> List Element 1 <br /> </li>
          <li> List Element 2 <br /> </li>
          <li> List Element 3 <br /> </li>


and I want to get something like this:

I want to position the #nav div on the left site and fix it right there, something like a navigation bar, and all my other content just right of the #nav div, but when I zoom in i don't want my elements to overlap.

If somebody could tell me how to fix this I would be very grateful.

Thank you :) 

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0 pooja vasavada · July 15, 2015
can we have your css so we can got the problem please
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