What should I learn to begin web development?

0 Andrew Song · July 9, 2015
How would I go about learning how to create a website that sells, such as Amazon? Of course nothing of that caliber but with just about the same functionalities.
Assume I know strong HTML/CSS and pursuing a programming background (university student).
I'm just having trouble figuring out where to start. PHP is a must-learn right?

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0 mike richardson · July 10, 2015
Depends on how hard you work at it. Basic SQL is not hard at all but when you get into JOINS, UNIONS etc gets a bit tricky and make sure you know and understand what Database Normalization and your Normal Forms are. take your time programming is not a sprint you will be learning your entire career. 
0 Andrew Song · July 10, 2015
Thanks so much! Do you have a suggestion as to some sort of timeline for the end-product? SQL->PHP->...?
0 mike richardson · July 9, 2015
I am going to catch hell on this but i would recommend your next step is to work on SQL. Your website will be nothing with out the DB to drive it and most of your functionality in an Amazon style web site will be directed at your DB. After that then figure out if you want to go PHP,ASP.net etc. 
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