Can someone help? MY Screen does not work!

0 Hasan Bulbul · July 8, 2015
emulator: device fd:628
HAX is not working and emulator runs in emulation mode
emulator: The memory needed by this AVD exceeds the max specified in your HAXM configuration.
emulator: AVD      RAM size = 1536 MB
emulator: HAXM max RAM size = 512 MB
emulator: You might want to adjust your AVD RAM size and/or HAXM configuration to run in fast virt mode.
creating window 59 80 449 797
emulator: emulator window was out of view and was recentered

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0 Çağlan Turgut · July 9, 2015
Android Studio, Right?

You need to lower you emulator's required RAM size or need to reinstall haxm from the SDK  and give it a higher RAM.

To lower the emulator's RAM (to preferably 512MB in your case): 
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