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+2 Otto Von Chesterfield · July 8, 2015
I noticed that I could give myself a point. I'm not sure if others can do the same thing to themselves, but I would assume that only others should give you points.
If this isn't the case, please explain to me.


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-1 sfolje 0 · February 10, 2016
Now I figured it out:
I can give +1 point to my forum reply, giving one point more to my profile/rank. After one day or two, it visually disapears in forum, but it secretly remains in you rank/profile points. So one could give himself counless points just by +1 his own replies.
0 sfolje 0 · February 8, 2016
so I created another post to give myself a point. And it worked , so I will wait for one day to check if it disapears after time like the point in post before. thx for patience
0 sfolje 0 · February 7, 2016
I cannot create New Topic. I can only post a reply. The point that I gave myself disapeared after a day and I cant give myself a point anymore to this exact post.
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