+1 Poorav Desai · July 8, 2015
hey bucky,
i have watched your first mysql video and it was nice.
Please throw some light on what exactly is ORACLE 10G and how does it work and how is oracle 10g different from mysql.

thanks for this videos and tutorials, they are very helpful.  

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0 mike richardson · July 8, 2015
ORACLE is another RDBMS similar to MySQL. There are some similarities and some huge differences. Just like any Database you use tables with rows and columns. The biggest difference is that ORACLE has what is called PL/SQL a very powerful programming language. Pretty much why you hear ORACLE Developers.  I personally hate ORACLE i mean HATE!!! There are lots of tutorials out their on using it, definitely worth taking a look at you can never have to much knowledge :)
0 Poorav Desai · July 9, 2015
thank you mike richardson for your reply...:)
0 mike richardson · July 9, 2015
+1 karthika qpt · April 25, 2016
Oracle Database XE is a great starter database for:
Developers working on Node.js, Python, PHP, Java, .NET, XML, and Open Source applications
DBAs who need a free, starter database for training and deployment

Learn sql from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vtl2WggqOg
0 Natalia Dowler · August 10, 2016
Hey Poorav,

There are actually quite a few differences. You need to look at price/performance/scalability. I found this article to be very helpful when I was looking for a good database that fits my company's needs: https://blogs.oracle.com/GeorgeTrujillo/entry/mysql_versus_oracle_features_functionality. I ended up going for Tibero by TmaxSoft, because it's actually much cheaper than some of the more well-known brands. 
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