Any Counter Strike Go Players?

0 Haris Rizwan Ghauri · July 12, 2014
Hello People,

Any body does online gaming? I am looking to make a team for CS GO.
If any one interested, please reply. Also if you don't play CS go.. just wanna know abt it..
we can have a good discussion here :) 

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0 Nivilus Vranck · July 13, 2014
Play from time to time, but i'm horrible at it ^^
0 Haris Rizwan Ghauri · July 14, 2014
Gold Nova 3. That is a good a rank. How come you do not have mike? get it :)
Tell me your steam profile names. Ill add you. 
0 Ivan M. · July 14, 2014
Gaming section -> :)
0 Joe Night · July 14, 2014
Not played CS:GO in a while, I suck pretty bad at it x)
0 Jacobs . · August 31, 2014
Still actual ? :P
0 Toms Burgmanis · March 28, 2015
i'm very good player i don't have very hi rank cause i play competitive with friends (They suck at cs) and then my rank drops :D
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