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+1 Rehman . · July 7, 2015
I was thinking how do actually "Data Recovery Software" works? what could be the mechanism must be using any data structures which manipulates with the memory?
How far we can go in recovering a data, i read somewhere maybe in "R studio" that we can cover upto the seven layers of hardisk.

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0 Tatrasiel R · July 9, 2015
If you could make something open source or something , that would be cool!
0 Rehman . · July 9, 2015
Yea sure i was being lazy in asking, now i'll better do it on my own :D
+1 Tatrasiel R · July 8, 2015
I have heard of this 7 layers deep and I would like to see it.. If you can get that deep then we should talk and I will need to start wiping 32 times  my midget clown porn.

Actually, I am joking of course but I would be interested in your research in this.
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