+1 srinidhi kowshik · July 6, 2015
which is good for computer science undergraduate,macbook or a  windows notebook,
will mac os run all languages like java,c sharp , python,sql

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0 Hunter White · July 6, 2015
Windows can be used with c# while Mac can't. I would suggest Windows since it is cheaper/will work with mostly every language.
0 c student · July 7, 2015
you can get pc with linux on it.  imo linux is more programmer friendly.  windows can a real pain to deal with sometimes...   you can always use a virtual machine too
0 Ahmed Raza · August 4, 2015
I would definitely say Mac because some Windows computers give out on some of the higher end programs you may try to run. Also, as someone mentioned above, a lot of the "exploring" you can do on Linux, you can do on Mac as well i.e. using Terminal, etc. Mac just lasts so much longer and in my opinion, is definitely the better option.
0 Alan Johnson · August 4, 2015
Hunter White, C# can be used on a Mac, if you use Mono.
0 Frederico Marques · July 15, 2015
Buy a windows notebook (or a mac if you have cash for it) and have a linux distro on it (dual boot). If you are a computer science undergraduate, then you must use linux, not just to program, but to explore the system, edit the system and so on. Just on linux you are able to do that.
Mac is better than windows when we speak about general programming, because most linux tools for programing will runs in a mac just fine.
Mac does runs all languages. The only problem with mac is microsoft sutff, like C# on .NET framework. Java comes with a JVM, so it runs in everything (even inside credit cards chips). Python is interpreted, so it runs in all OS as well. No problems with sql that I know about.
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