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+2 Frano Udovičić · July 11, 2014
Hi guys, I have a question for you mac users. Which text editor do you use for programming on a mac? While I was on Windows, I was using Notepad++ and It was awesome, but there is no mac version.

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0 Sampan Verma · May 10, 2016
When it comes to me, mine is different for each language. But if asked which one I will prefer Universally, then it will be Sublime Text 3 with Material/Nexus Theme and a Good Color Scheme.
0 Mohan Desai · May 9, 2016
Sublime Text is one of the best Text Editors for Mac, there is also some more tool available you can check this 15 Best Text Editors For Mac :
0 Colonel Panic · April 26, 2015
Sublime Text

Both are good and similar, but atom is getting a lot more development time behind it, and its from github. 
+1 Luke Shimkus · September 6, 2014
If you are looking for a FTP editor I recommend TextWrangler:
+1 Megos Unknown · August 9, 2014
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0 Brendon McBain · August 9, 2014
I used to use Coda 2, it's definitely the best Mac software. However, now I think Brackets is the leading software for both Mac and WIN.

Download link:
0 Shamal Sandeep · August 9, 2014
Sublime Text 3 is the best programming text editor for Win, Mac and Ubuntu. It gives a lot of easy tools to code faster that gives you a nice programming experience.

Try out the trial from here -
+1 Nathan Lloyd · July 18, 2014
You should try out the opensource Brackets, I use it often for Windows, but it works on Macs too
+3 Alan Johnson · July 16, 2014
Sublime text if you want a quick lightweight editor. I prefer an IDE though, I use phpstorm for web development and intellij idea for java and scala.
+2 Cate Peterson · July 16, 2014
Sublime Text 2.0 doesn't allow you to compile without going to a separate window called Terminal on mac. Apparently Emacs allows you to compile without leaving emacs and opens a separate io window for the program. I used Sublime Text 2.0 for my first  program this week and was very frustrated that I didn't under stand the Terminal gcc process. See my post under C.
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