My bold does not work

+5 Joan Clarke · July 6, 2015
I typed <strong>second</strong>  but it does not bold the word second.  The italize works but not the bold.  not sure why.

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0 Jeff the Killer · July 18, 2015
+1 Joan Clarke · July 18, 2015
Thanks for all your suggestions guys.

@Grimmjow Jaguar .....I tried '<b>bold</b>' and it works....Thanks
+2 Jeff the Killer · July 9, 2015
try    strong {font-weight: bold; }
+2 Otto Von Chesterfield · July 9, 2015
I have little idea why <strong>wouldn't work. It does come out a bit thin on my browser. Perhaps you should exaggerate the boldness by adding in some CSS.

Hope this helps!
+2 Kaveh Greenwood · July 8, 2015
do you have any CSS that modifies <strong> ??

In addition, try what Grimmjow stated "<b>".
+2 Jeff the Killer · July 8, 2015
try <b>bold</b>
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