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0 Shane Dharan · July 6, 2015
Hi everyone!

So I'm on my last year of university and I have been thinking about creating an online portfolio for when I begin applying for a full-time job. I already use GitHub for all my projects but I feel like having an online portfolio will help me out a lot. Do you guys think I should use a builder or try programming it from scratch? I'm not really interested in front end web development so this is why I am leaning towards using a builder. I'm just curious to know if companies would think less of the portfolio because I used a builder?

Thank you!

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0 Jagdeep Matharu · July 6, 2015
Its a positive point that you might have, I am not so sure if all employer see portfolio but nevertheless you can have one its good presentation of you.

and yes if you don't like web dev then just get some bootstrap template :)
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