Ajax - Ampersand problem

0 Franz Schmidt · July 5, 2015
Got a little problem here where I need your help pls:

I've got a textarea where I can input any data I want, which gets saved in a database via mysqli. And whenever I try to save data with an ampersand (&) I get the Error:

Type Error: Cannot read proberty 'documentElement' of null.

I get this data via ajax method. But it seems that the tag where the ampersand should be is empty so the javascript code crashes.
I estimate that the problem could be solved if the ampersand gets decoded somehow befor saving and encoded after the xml response.

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0 Franz Schmidt · July 6, 2015
Thanks that worked but I found out when I somewhere in my input I would enter also "%26" I would replace it at the output with an ampersand sign how can I avoid that?
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