0 Stefan Duranski · July 11, 2014
Heeey wassup Bucky

I was wondering will you ever star a DirectX tutorial series(directx 11 preferably).

because iam learning it by myself at the moment but i know that if you were to teach it i would be better and understant things a bit better.

also are you going to update the c++ tutorials or make a new playlist for the the "c++ 11 features" i mean that would be awesome man.


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0 Stefan Duranski · July 27, 2014
yes i know that guy. and iam experienced with directx its just want to know if bucky would do a series because i know he is a good teacher
-1 Stefan Duranski · July 30, 2014
Krootushus you mentioned that bucky does not know c++?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he has a whole series on c++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

thats why i thought that he might know directx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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