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+1 Ian Daviau · July 10, 2014
Hello! I've been following along with Bucky's XHTML and CSS tutorials and i've hit a bump in the road, there's no errors or anything it's just annoying, here is the  pastebin. And here's a picture of what's going on- 

Thanks for your time!

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+1 Franz Schmidt · July 11, 2014
You made a misstake at the html tags: its <tr>sth</tr> and <td>sth</td>
If you tipe <tr>something<tr> you make another table row in the table row.

<!doctype html>
<table border="1" cellspacing="10">
<td>Cat People</td>
<td>17 cats is just too many</td>
<td>Loud People</td>
<td>Sure turn that music up, its only 3 am</td>

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