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0 John Aj · July 5, 2015
Hello all,
I am new to android application development and as well new to Java....I am currently doing my Masters Program in IT with Health Informatics, so i just completed my Java programming class, which is my first experience at learning Programming.
    I have an excel sheet i use for reference at work, it consists of 4 columns and about 13,000 rows. so i want to make an android app of this file, i want to make the Interface to be searchable in such a way that if user type any word from column A, it should  be able to give the values corresponding to the adjacent column. For example in the table below, i want user to be able to search either by Codes or by description, so if a user type migrate, or mig (from row 2 on the table) then he should get something like code= 34.9, it is MM, and kValue is 3..Likewise if the user decide to start searching by code, and decide to type 252.89 (see the last row in the table below) then he should get values from the corresponding cells as..description = garden, it is a DDD and kValue is 6.

   i wish this to be my first android app and i do not have a clue on how to start, so please any idea and advice will be apreciated, i just started watching Bucky's video on android apps for beginners and i am just on the 5th video "Tour of the Interface".

please note the date i am planning to use is in excel file, just 1 sheet.
Thank you, please see the table sample below.

CodesDescriptionMM or DDDkValue

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0 ashiq sultan · July 5, 2015
I recommend you to watch Bucky's Android with SQlite videos (it starts from 49th video) and get familiar on how to deal with database Tables and how to search for a specific value in a column because your project seems like it needs Database integration.

My suggested design for your project will be to have two radio buttons and an EditText and a TextView 
One radio button is to search by Codes and other is to search by Description.
EditText box to enter the value to search.
If codes is selected in the radio button you must write a sql query to search your table by codes else if   description  is selected then you should have a sql query to search your table by description and the result will be displayed in a Textview. 
0 John Aj · July 9, 2015
Thank you for this reply Ashiq, i will definitely try this out, i will watch the video as suggested. I am sorry for late response i did not receive email alert that my question has been answered, so i thought no one answered it, untill i decided to login in today and saw it been answered. please any more ideas will be apreciated.

Thank you.
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