linux or windows?????

+1 anshuman patel · July 5, 2015
greetings all

I am new to programming, and I somewhere read that linux is best for programmers. 
I want to know that will I be making a right choice to switch to linux??
and if possible suggest a good distro suited for android/ we development


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+1 Jagdeep Matharu · July 6, 2015
Hey Anshuman, As a suggestion(that you ask) ill strongly say linux. but you need to understand some things as well, linux does not support Visual studio and its benefits for programing(although there are other alternatives for that)


Android - Linux
Web - Linux
All Scripting - Linux
Almost every thing can be programmed in linux and in some languages (Ruby on Rails) even better

The reason for Linux so popular for programmers are: Linux Terminal and its free(obviously)

I am using linux and unix from last many years and totally best for programmers. There are many other reasons why i choose and prefer this over windows but for time being i wrote this.

0 anshuman patel · July 7, 2015
thanks @jagdeep 

i  will surely make a move over linux

and can you also suggest a distro?
0 Jagdeep Matharu · July 8, 2015
Hmm, if you ask me you have pretty good options like:
Linux Mint
Cent OS

I liked Ubuntu but now days I prefer Linux Mint (not much difference in terms of functionality but just that mint has desktop look)

Now I understand that you want to move to Linux for programing and when some one tells you what they like you can get confused. (happened with me)

I'll suggest you to try both(Ubuntu and Linux Mint) on Virtual Box, you can find vdi from here :

and if you just want one then just install "Ubuntu" from official website. :)

Happy coding :)
+1 mike richardson · July 8, 2015
Everyone will give you their opinion I suggest if you plan on making a career as a developer look what is needed in your area. Also no need to choose companies like versatility.
0 Branislav Lazic · July 8, 2015
Windows desktop for development, Linux server for production. At least that's my case...
0 Sam Mazarei · July 8, 2015
I recently decided to look into Linux systems as well, now that I'm learning to code, and for the same reasons - I heard it's best for programmers... I have a dual boot system , Win 7 and Fedora, and I love it. I also have VirtualBox up and running and have several Linux Distro ISO's that I load up and play with as VM's whenever. In the last month alone I've learned so much, and realized there is SO MUCH I don't know... I love the terminal, the community, the sense of being in control of your computer. Screw a VM, just partition your hard drive and install a distro. Learn it, you'll love it.
+1 mike richardson · July 8, 2015
Master .net and you will get a job :)
0 Branislav Lazic · July 8, 2015

Master .net and you will get a job

Haha. We go off topic. but I actually have to agree with that statement. I remember that once upon time we asked a guy what programming language he knows. He replied: C++. And then we asked: "What do you know to make with C++?". He replied: "Applications for Linux."
Massive eyeroll. :D
It's simple! Marketshare of commercial Linux applications is almost non-existing in comparison with marketshare of .NET commercial applications. Pretty much useless skill for employers. On the other hand, majority of popular programming languages are platform independent so case I mentioned above is pretty much irrelevant and quite rare. But you wish it's everything about ability to run JUST a specific programming language on Linux...
0 Sam Mazarei · July 9, 2015
I admit, I love playing with my Linux, but so far it's been easier to use Windows for learning Python... IDLE is simple. I tried to use Eric6 and Anjuta and quickly realized I was NOT there yet... lol... but I'm having fun.
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