how to do it?

0 Gurpreet Singh · July 4, 2015

i am trying to create a pointer which points to the address of the 1st element of a pointer array( int *x[ ] ).

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0 c student · July 4, 2015
int main() {
    int *array[5];
    int **ptr = array; // array == &array[0]
    return 0;
0 Gurpreet Singh · July 5, 2015
sorry but i don't think your answer is right.
array [0] is a pointer and ptr pointer is equal to array [0] , so ptr and array [0] is same and i required ptr to point to the address of array [0].
so simply what we can do is equate ptr to address of array [0] but that is giving an error.

if you think that you are right then you can check your answer by printing ptr and array [0].
they would give the same address.
0 c student · July 5, 2015
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