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+5 Erp Eight · July 10, 2014
Which web Browser is the best ? According to me the best web browser is Google chrome

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0 Kumi Festus · July 10, 2014
How did you come out with this analysis?
0 Sheldon Juncker · July 10, 2014
Any browser other than IE. But then again, IE is okay too.
0 Source Slayer · July 11, 2014
I want to say FireFox:
opensauce, easy, has a lot of plugins (not  that I use them) and themable (Yes, you can change the theme).

But I honestly prefer Chrome/Chromium, I'm used to it now, it's got extensions and built in plugins so you don't have to download them
+3 Bucky Roberts · July 11, 2014
Have you guys heard of Google Ultron? It's what NASA uses (powered by Adobe Reader)
0 Nahiyan Alamgir · July 11, 2014
Google Ultron sounds like some sort of April Fools' joke.
+1 Nahiyan Alamgir · July 11, 2014
Take a look at this, "Ultron brings to you the best in security and encryption, directly taken from IE 5.5.
+2 JOhaL jaTT · July 11, 2014
I like Maxthon Cloud Browser.i have tried all Major Browser but all of them i feel Maxthon is a more user friendly. 
+2 Steven the awesome · July 11, 2014
Google Chrome, and Firefox
+1 Sheldon Juncker · July 11, 2014
Yeah, it's definitely a joke, but I still want it! :-)
+3 Chathula Sampath · July 11, 2014
@bucky, check out this.. :D!topic/chrome/NRvYXVMqK3o
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