Do I need to learn Java first before watching the Android tutorials ?

0 Nick Nickie · July 4, 2015
I am trying to learn Android programming. 

Do I need to learn JAVA before watching Android Development for Beginners ? OR will the tutorials teach me JAVA too ?

Thank you 

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0 whbe eldrsi · July 4, 2015
Yes , I think you have to learn java first , if you have no idea about java , it's better to start learn java first ,because Android is advanced
0 Mike Nestor · July 4, 2015
If you're using an SDK like Android Studio most of the java you will need you won't find yourself writing very much. The newer development environments have javascript already embedded within the source references. It never hurts to learn java, but in those kinds of cases something like Eclipse would be better to get yourself familiar with the basics.

Java was the first language I ever learnt, but I'd still consider myself quite the n00b on software environments like Android Studio. Hope that helps.
0 Abdurrahman M. Rabah · July 4, 2015
Yea, I also want an answer for this one :D
0 Ian Arbuckle · July 4, 2015
If you are new to Java it is recommended to watch the Java beginners and intermediate tutorials first. Then you will grasp Android Development in no time! :)
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