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0 Houston Muzamhindo · July 3, 2015
Hi everyone
Suddenly when things became interesting in the Android tutorials, I started receiving the error in the picture attached. The other simple apps were running perfectly but now when I do exactly what Bucky is doing, I'm getting errors about deprecation etc. And yes, I've tried to use that thing called Google but there isn't anyone saying exactly what I need to do here. I trust there are smart people around here, please help!

My computer isn't powerful enough to run an emulator so I'm using my Galaxy Tab 2 for AVD. The other apps like "Click me", "Hello World" ran but after Gestures, fling and stuff, it started giving those kind of errors.

I'm extremely new to this.

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0 Houston Muzamhindo · July 6, 2015
Oh I have just seen that (TextView).findViewById is wrong. There isn't supposed to be that period that I put between (TextView) and findViewById.. the rest I don't know. I just copied Bucky's code and it ran nicely.
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