External style sheet help :/

+1 Fergus Miller · July 2, 2015
Hi there.

I'm using an external style sheet to style some things on my secondary page.

I've added classes to just about everything :P  I just think it's useful. 

But for some reason when trying to style some things with that external style sheet I get the problem of having to override it, because when styling these things with classes on the external style sheet it does not register on the secondary website.

If someone could help me that would be grand, I'm sticking with the regular styling option  for now, hat but if someone could send me a solution, like I said, that would be grand.

Bye for now :)


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0 Jeff the Killer · July 3, 2015
html recognizes the most frequent style (i guess)
just put the external style sheet before the inline style sheet(i guess)
0 Fergus Miller · July 3, 2015

Just realised I forgot to add the link in! Derp! Thanks for the help any anyway ! :)
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