Failed to launch AVD in emulator

0 Shubham Hudda · July 2, 2015

Though, I already installed it 


Also, I enabled VT in BIOS. But I am getting the same error again and again. What to do? Please help.

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0 ANURAG SINGH · July 3, 2015
just follow these steps:
1. turn on ur vtx.........u can easily get a video on you tube on how to enable this feature.
2.though after enabling u might bot be able to install its because ur antivirus prevents it.....
if u r using avast ...go to settings>>troubleshooting>>uncheck enable harware -assisted virtulizaation
3.install intel HAXM again....its generally present in users>>welcome>>appdata>>android>>sdk>>extras>>intel>>HAXM.
i guess in rest antivirus u need to do the the same,if not just google it .
hope this was use ful
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