Where to start learning Data Structures and Algorithms

+2 Jagdeep Matharu · July 2, 2015
Hi Can any one suggest where to start learning Data structures and Algorithms???

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+1 Lorenzo Pieri · July 2, 2015
MiT has a pretty nice course for Data Structures and Algorithms. Search for MiT Opencourseware, or also MiT Algorithms on youtube.
+2 Jacob Selvestar · April 6, 2017
Hi Jagdeep,

I would like to suggest you to go for online tutorials like tutorialspoint.com is one of the best source where you can find all technology related tutorials which you can learn in effective manner. Second option I  can suggest to hire reputed software development company for getting training of programming languages..know more here..http://www.gatewaytechnolabs.com
0 Yay Paw Si · April 23, 2017
If you'd like to study by reading and trying stuff together, then u should try this:

If you like learning thru videos, then I recommend Coursera and Khan Academy.

After learning, you can also practice on www.hackerrank.com. I practice my knowledge of algorithms on Hackerrank. "Practice makes Perfect!"
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