+1 Jeff the Killer · July 2, 2015
Hi guys... I need some suggestions on what website i am gonna make. (i am not gonna make a website about myself becuz its weird)

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0 Bucky Roberts · July 2, 2015
Maybe a website about things you like or hobbies? Movies? Favorite sports team?
0 Jeff the Killer · July 2, 2015
nah it would be too boring
0 Jeff the Killer · July 2, 2015
my friends define me as, "the black hole that sucks everything even the black hole itself" in other words "KJ"
0 Aju Antony · July 2, 2015
why not make a website about black holes?
0 Bernhard Riemann Georg Friedrich · July 2, 2015
A website about choosing topics to make a website?
0 Jeff the Killer · July 3, 2015
great idea! thnx
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